Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diva's First Class

Diva had her first official dog class tonight. She and Katielyn started a foundations for agility class with Mama spectating. We got off to a bit of a rocky start, traffic was bad, Emma needed to pee so badly she couldn't stand it, KT was stuffed up from allergies and when I got Diva out of her crate her whole butt was soaked because she threw up. We got everybody sorted out and ready at last...

First thing on the agenda was to introduce the dogs to clickers. Michelle showed us how to load the clicker. Click and treat, click and treat until the dog knows click means treat.

Then we started on some shaping exercises with wobble boards. Diva wasn't very interested and Kt not to patient but I think Katielyn understood what was wanted...I'm not so sure about Diva!

Next on the agenda was playing to liven up and loosen up the dogs. Poor Diva was really too stressed to play so Katielyn went for a run around the yard with her. Michelle suggested putting something really yummy in a mesh bag and play tug with that.

The last exercise for the night was walking on a loose leash. Take a step if the dog doesn't pull click and treat. Take another step click and treat, take a couple of steps click and treat. If the dog pulls no click no treat.

So Kt has some homework to do, and me too with Annie. My goal is to get Annie to show some interst in toys.

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