Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Annies 3rd agility class

Today we did some dogwalk exercises. Pam says to always bait the bottom of the dogwalk -sometimes with a target sometimes with not.

We also did a jumping exercise, involving a pinwheel to tunnel to 3 jumps, a vertical to a broad jump and then a cross after the broad jump to another jump. I had troubles with the cross. Pam pointed out I was using my away from dog hand and Annie really couldn't see the cue very well as my body was blocking her.

After that exercise we did an A-frame exercise and tunnel discrimination. One of the dogs got to barking and making a big commotion with the horse across the fence while Annie was running. It was too much for Annie and she had to dart off to see but I hollered "Annie come" and wouldn't you know it -she about faced and came to sit in front of me and Pam said to carry on don't make a big deal of it. I was pretty tickled that Annie came back so quickly, and Pam said it was very good! Yeah progress.

I was a little dissappointed with Annie's lack luster attitude at class today. It was a little cooler and I was hoping that it would make her a little more enthusiastic. Somehow I've got to find what makes her tick!

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