Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Class 09/15/09

Today it was wet so we worked indoors - a good opportunity to practice handling in a tighter space.

First course issues: Handling the best line-some choices to push or pull, which way to wrap around a jump. Annie did the opening two jumps and tunnel well but then had weave pole issues. Pam reminded me when correcting weave poles REPEAT the obstacle before the weave poles to get the flow back-don't just drill the weaves. The 2nd time I still had problems, so we did a 3rd, and we were successful -Pam said I used a much more definite tone of voice-remember tones!

On the table I forgot to rotate Annie and remembered as soon as I asked her to down and she sort of shuffled down like where am I supposed to lay?

The jump to teeter closing was OK- my rear cross was misplaced - I forgot to draw some straight lines to the obstacles. I should have drawn out away from the second jump to allow Annie room to make a nice forward jump.

Red line is correct path, green is the one I initially tried-cross ends up way to close to jump

Other topics of the day: Delivery of Random Reward-don't always treat just the contacts. When doing discrimination exercises reward the tunnel as much as the A-frame. Occasionally just throw out a jackpot at a jump to keep jump value up.

The last exercise we used timers to see what path worked best for our dogs. The first time through I led Annie out by one jump and then curved her around me for the turn to jump 3 and 4 - and then crossed behind for the tunnel -it worked OK but I think the next pattern worked better. I led out two jumps and front crossed Annie to turn her to the next two jumps. She certainly hustled the first 2 jumps and we got a tighter turn to jump 3 with this method. Gotta always be aware which handling method will work best for MY dog.

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