Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Class 11/17

Annie is still in heat so Selena had to step in again. She got to enjoy a sunny fresh morning.

Today we worked on jumping skills. It was interesting to see what different problems the dogs/handlers had.

Pam showed us a couple of areas to be aware of what the dog was seeing and sure enough the fast dogs were seeing that path. The slower ones followed their handlers.

Tips: When doing a 180 turn keep the dog interested with vocalization
a)prevents loosing dog to another jump staring it in the face
b) keeps dog motivated

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Class was back outside-a beautiful sunny day (finally!).

We worked parts of a course. First exercise was a tire to jump straight line, turn 90 degrees over a jump to a tunnel parked right behind the dog walk. Big discrimination exercise, out over a jump to teeter.

Annie did the dog walk the first time around. I rear-crossed late in front of the previous jump which pulled her back and basically left me behind her and the dog walk right in front of her. Pam suggested I cross after the jump since there was loads of space. I tried that and was easily able to get Annie in the tunnel (though she still WANTED to go up the dog-walk). I crossed in front of the teeter but used the wrong hand to signal her. Gotta remember DOG SIDE HAND.

Next we tried the same exercise with a lead out for the first 2 jumps. I didn't like that as much as I found I had to hurry a lot more to get to the tunnel/dogwalk. This time I got Annie in the tunnel but she head out of it saw the A-frame and over she went. Lesson: Remember to cue her when she is in the tunnel and reinforce it on her exit.

Next we did a teeter, tunnel jump a-frame sequence. On this we had to do a rear-cross between the jump and the A-frame. Lesson here: When doing a rear-cross you can't get ahead of your dog. On this sequence you had to hold back while the dog was doing the tunnel cue the jump then a-frame and then switch as the dog committed to the a-frame. If you were waiting at the jump after the dog was in the tunnel you were ahead of the dog which makes crossing behind awkward.

Annie worked well today.

Class 10/27/09

Today we were inside yet again...and Elizabeth taught us. We worked on distance which was great as Annie and I need to get some distance on our team.

We first worked three jumps like a pinwheel. I had to step in to get Annie deep into the pinwheel. We then worked on a jump, back to tunnel send to jump combination. Annie worked well through that. Then we added a flip back out to another jump and send to A-frame. I had to step in for the flip but Annie happily layered the tunnel/A-frame.

We then worked a jump tunnel jump weave pattern. Send dog over jump -tunnel is staring them in the face so that wasn't hard. The hard part was the tunnel exit-the dogs really wanted to go back over the jump..I had to call Annie through it several times. I think perhaps in a competition I'd have done better to be at the exit and start running past the jump/effectively blocking it and then sending to jump and weaves. Annie missed her weave entrance the first time. I restarted her over the jump and she got it and had no issue with me not being right beside her. Yeah!

Next Elizabeth showed us how to incorporate a chair to teach out. I think I'll do this. You teach the dog to go out around the chair(or some object). You keep moving it further away. Once this is accomplished you put it by a jump so it become an "out, jump" .