Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class 09/29

Today we did a short course right off the bat.

I led out the first two jumps and then had to turn her about 90 degrees to the next obstacle the tunnel. I led out the first 2 jumps and tried to turn her to the 3rd...mistake #1-she missed the turn and went wide around jump #3. Dogs work better off of body movement...I should just lead out the first jump, go with her to the 2nd and turn to the 3rd.

Next part of the sequence was tunnel rear cross to jump then a-frame. My rear-cross ended up far to close to the jump, I should have been at the tunnel exit urging her on then slip behind her there. Oops #2.

A-frame was good. There was a target. Annie expects treats if there is a target. Pam reminded me to put the treat on the target to train the head down stance we want not to treat her from my hand.

Next sequence: Jump, broad jump, jump...tunnel...jump. Annie does not recognize the broad jump as a "jump". We'll need to train her a cue for that such as "over" or "big".

I have to be careful that Annie actually commits to tunnels before I pull back. If she is not in it and I go towards the next jump..there is a good chance she's going with me! I need to be definite with my cue...bowl low for tunnel keep my arm out...make no mistake about it kind of cue!

We then worked the first section to practice the cross (tunnel to jump). It's much easier when timed right out of the tunnel.

Then to the weaves...Annie needs to gain some speed here. We also worked a cross behind on the weaves (put them on A-frame contact) release, weave...they should drive to weave poles, slip behind them. We need to work on our sending to obstacles. She understands but relies on me to go with her.

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