Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Class 01/25/11

Tonight I took Diva. She was good.
We ran the following exercise:

There are many ways to handle this sequence. The idea was to lead out 2 jumps and either do a moving cross or stand at the 3rd jump and cue. With Diva I'm only able to do a one jump lead out. I ran on the right side of the jumps. 1-3 were good but she collided with me in front of the table. I'll need to make sure I'm telling her where we are going, and she needs to watch me.

Tonight I'll practice the same sequences with Annie.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Herding Lesson #1

I've been promising Annie she could go herding again but just haven't gotten around to it. Finally this week, I scheduled a lesson.

First of all Jamie had me put Annie on a down while she watched the other dogs worked. It was hard for her to stay put but finally she settled some.

When it was her turn, Jamie worked her on 4 sheep in a pen about 15x10. She had her on a leash and walked with her around the pen. Every time Annie lunged she was put on a down. When she relaxed on the down, she was released and could work again. Jamie was sure to work the corners, head and tail.

Annie was more bold on the tail but not quite as confident at the head.

Our homework was to work the downs and get her moving off the sides.