Monday, November 29, 2010

Class 11/29/10

We introduced some discrimination. Annie was pretty good at this. I basically had to yell close and move forward up the dog walk and she'd come with me.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Class 11/22/10

We worked on some more distance tonight. We did some jumps to a hard left turn to tunnel. I learned the value of rotating my shoulders as well as keeping my feet moving.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Class 11/15

Had a good class tonight. We worked some distance exercises

First we did 3 jumps on an arc. Elizabeth showed us how we need to use our body to direct the dog. For example on the arc we want to turn the way we want our dog to go.

Next we did a layering exercise:

The trick to this was not running straight to the dog walk but waiting for the dog to come out of the tunnel to press forward. IF you stand at the dog walk, what does the dog see when it comes out? You standing in front of the dog walk....

Lastly we did a serpentine exercise which Annie did nicely. Elizabeth suggested to handle the serp with the rest of the course in mind ie if you want to end up on the far side, handle on that side, if you want to end up on the starting side..handle it on that aware of where you'll want to end up...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shows this past weekend...

Annie had a busy weekend being a JR handling dog,as well as competing in rally, obedience and agility.

First day: Open B Obedience: Heeling pattern was good. Got lost in the posts. Lost 15 points. Recall -stalled at about the drop. Retrieve over the jump couldn't have been any more unenthusiastic -hit jump. Broad jump: She did it caveletti style. Stays -A plus!

Rally: Novice-she did well - I had a brain fart and cost her 10 points.

Novice Gamble: The run went exactly as planned, how about that? I had timed it with a stopwatch and she ran it exactly as per my stopwatch. I was pretty pleased!

Second Day: Open B Obedience: A successful broad jump (our best yet in competition). Retrieve over jump -stopped to watch the agility ring before picking up the dumbell and returning. Pretty darned slow. Retrieve on the flat - pretty decent but finished by herself. Heeling figure 8 was first, and she looked spooked by one of the "posts". Got disconnected. HEeling pattern was about the same -she lagged about 10 feet behind and NQ'd. Drop on recall -decent (I messed up and found my hands in the air). Stays -another A plus!

Rally: We moved up to Advanced and she was utterly awesome. One crooked sit (which I fixed and cost us more) ..a 196! Yeah. We can do this!

And a first out of four with Kt in the Jrs novice class.

Class 11/08/10

We did some distance exercises tonight - a simple Tire, jump then left tunnel didn't prove to be so easy. Annie was being goofy about the tire jump running under it and then on the cue tunnel would hang a right to the dog walk. Elizabeth suggested I rotate my body more, and sure enough that got Annie going in the right direction.