Thursday, September 10, 2009

Class Sept 08

Today we played snooker in class. Annie was very good as she lets me tell her where to go.

Next we worked on the closing for the snooker pattern. Two jumps in a row then a 180 back behind the 2nd' jump so a front cross was in order, and then to the weave poles (basically a loose serpentine pattern).

My first try Annie got behind me and on the wrong side for the cross. Pam showed me how to precue the cross by getting my non-dog side hand out as she's going to the jump so she sees me as she's going over not blowing right past me. It worked great! Yeah!

Next we worked on jump, weaves a-frame tunnel jump...Annie did it well. Then we changed up to the tunnel instead of the A-frame. Now the dogs were patterned to doing the A-frame instead of the tunnel so we really had to work and getting their attention and performing the tunnel. A low cue is in order rather than waving a high hand at the tunnel...high makes them look up..what's up? The a-frame. Low they look down...what's down? The tunnel! Also it helps to not just shout one command but several so a cue of Tunnel, Tunnel Tunnel...worked to get the dogs attention.

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