Monday, December 13, 2010

Class 12/13/10

Today it was pretty brisk so we worked some more jumping lines. Annie handled the course well. The first time through I tried a lead out to the tunnel -I found it wasn't necessary and it got a little ugly sending her in. She did the serp well but then flew over the A-frame missing her contact.

The next time through I ran with Annie at the beginning on the left of 1 to the tunnel and then back to the left of jump # 1 going the other direction and the opening was much better.

For handling from 14 to 15 Elizabeth suggested I cross at 14 and then try to cross again from 15 to 16. I was able to do the first cross but the second one I didn't. This can be our homework.

Class 12/06/10

We worked on some jumping exercises and more discrimination. Annie was doing the discrimination well. I needed to make sure I didn't turn my shoulders too soon pulling her to the dogwalk.

Next we did some jumping exercises. In this exercise it worked best to slide from 3 to 6 so I could get a cross in at 6 and not get a funky turn from 6 to 7.