Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Agility Class 09/22

Today Elizabeth taught our class. She had a course from the Worlds set up and adjusted for novice dogs. It was fun to break down the elements and then put it all together.

Things I learned:

Gotta remember a different cue for Annie for the broad jump. First time she trotted over it again.

Serpentine: Raised arm means out, dropping arm means close.

Precue: Remember when doing wraps a front cross precue will get them closer. It must be visible to the dog!

It was fun to watch Kira today. She was reluctant to perform so Elizabeth had her handler run with Desi and Kira loose behind...you should have seen Kira wake up and want to do stuff too! It was a good eye opener on generating interest in YOU the handler.

Annie weaved really well today -it was the 20" poles - I wonder if she likes that spacing (or if that is what I have here)?

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