Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Class 10/04/10

Finally we have wonderful weather for agility class! It's actually sweater time. I guess I missed posting about last weeks class. Let's see if I can remember some of it...

We did an exercise tunnel over a jump, hard left to dogwalk, out over a jump and then had to slice left to continue over the jump. The tricky part was cueing the dog early enough to get the last jump. Cue too early and they'd pull off the first jump, too late and they'd miss it.

We also worked on teeter, hard-left then tunnel. I had problems with Annie on that. It seems she wouldn't send on to the tunnel from the teeter, something to practice.

Class Tonight: We started off with a course which Annie ran decently. She sailed over her A-frame and I mean sailed. I'm going to have to train her to run out to a target as when I try to add distance to the A-frame, she flies. I find I have the same issue with the dog walk. On the same course, I redid my dog walk, running with her to the end and she was fine, but if I pulled up, she tended to jump off. We need to do some homework on this.

We then did some jumping exercises. Elizabeth showed us how we need to be able to stand at a jump and have the dog go behind and jump towards us. We should be able to stand in any position around the jump and direct the dog.

We practiced a moving front cross and a moving post turn exercise. I need to remember not to bend over when crossing ( why do I do that anyway??)