Saturday, January 24, 2009

We Survived our First Trial!

Annie, my aussie pup is now 3 1/2 years old -well due to be out competing. I've been working fervently to gain control of her "wild side" - I think all those exercises and obedience classes are finally paying off.

I took her in her first ASCA agility jumpers class last night in Rendon, TX. She behaved well practicing and soon enough it was our turn to go. I plunked her down behind the start line noting a bit of a wild look developing in her eyes, so without further a do, I released her and we were OFF!

She shot over the first 2 jumps and then took off to the middle of the pen just looking for Jenny (the dog that teasers her at agility lessons). Well, thankfully Jenny was home in her pen, and so seeing no Jenny out there, Annie quickly recalled. She back jumped a jump on the way back so I knew our run was "done" as far as Q's go but we still needed to get over the rest of those jumps. She handled fast and well and completed her run without further bobbles and we "hurrahed" at the finish line. Her posted time about 35 seconds -very respectable especially considering our detour to middle at the beginning of the run.

I'm now looking forward to future runs....