Thursday, February 26, 2009

Class 4

Last night we started with more "take-its" like usual. Annie is resisting this but I think we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last night she was a little quicker to open her mouth. Gotta get the dumbell ordered....

Next thing for her once she takes to put my hand down lower in front of her...take-it. Then when she does that...sweep my hand from in front of her...around to in front of me...then take-it.

I think we're aways from that lesson yet!

Did downs on mat. Put dog on stay. Walked to behind mat...come, down. Then take-it throw treat to get dog to get up quickly. When doing this well, we will progress to the handler backing away from the mat...and downing the dog on the mat. Remember to throw a treat straight away so the dog knows to get up straight away after the down.

Jumping: Put dog on stay. Walked to other side. Come jump. Also did a send...jump, take-it, jump, front. Annie is liking the jumping. Worked on broad jump, with handler in front and to the side. Annie, over -do not move, do not look back (as shortens dogs jump)...when I didn't move..Annie did it right! Yeah...

More out of sight stays. Dogs are pretty comfortable with this.

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