Thursday, February 12, 2009

Class 2

Well here's the update:

Class 2: Introduced what I call the "Heimlich Maneuver" for "take-it". Put cloth or leather collar on dog for this one. Say "take it" . If the dog doesn't take it lift the collar to put pressure under throat, keep pulling until dog is forced to open mouth. Then release "good dog"

Played the "down game" - Annie liked this one. Play with the dog, go here go there...and then issue the command "down" (no cheating with hand signals). Fun way to teach dog to down on command.

Jumping: Start idea of take it with the jump. Put dog on stay. Walk to jump..say jump, throw piece of food, take it, and then jump again, repeat several times.

Group Stays: Practiced leaving the room. Started first class with just walking to side of room. Then returning. Teach the dog you will be back! Then moved to leaving the room, and coming right back. Then progressively increase the amount of time out of the room.

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