Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Class

Annie and I finally resumed classes with Elizabeth. It still isn't exactly cool it was 90 or so with a heat index of about 95....grrr.

A few things we practiced tonight.

1st Sequence: Tunnel to a bit of a pinwheel (2nd jump was a bit of a send, then front cross to 3rd jump. Annie performed well if not super fast.

We then did the opening part of the course which involved placing dog at quite an angle to 1st jump to set up for 2nd. Front cross after 3 before tunnel. Elizabeth showed us how she teaches her dogs to "line-up" which means focus, placing the dog between her legs. Helps to ensure dog has proper angle to jump. Lead out with a purpose. Cue dog with dog side hand. Teach dog that turning body into jump means front cross coming.

Annie did this the first time well,and then the 2nd time was focusing on dogs in other ring. Temptation was to rush cue for 2nd jump in anticipation of running to front cross. Wait til dog is comitting and go! When a front cross fails and the dog goes past, call the dog back to the cross to complete it.

Homework: Practice front cross at one jump. Place dog on sit, take 2 steps so at jump standard, release, front cross and get a wrap. Try and progressively tighten the turn.

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