Monday, September 20, 2010

Agility class 09/20/10

Wow Annie has been a busy girl, 2 days of obedience and then off to agility class. Surely all this getting her out will get her distraction proofed!

Today we worked on some interesting exercises. First was jumps in a grid:

___ a ____ b _____c

___ d ____ e _____f

First we did f-c-b-f with a front cross b-f. Annie handled this pretty easily after first suprising me by running over the A-frame that really wasn't part of the picture - I think it commanded a superior view from which to look for the border collies...
A second run through went well.

We then went to b-e-d-a then send to tunnel. Annie handled this well.

We then moved on to a challenging exercise. Here's the course:

Order is jump teeter tunnel jump jump - to be run as if you were coming from behind the first jump and then continuing out on beyond it on the exit. One could cross at teeter or try to call left tunnel and layer the teeter. CAll jump on exit of tunnel, do shoulder pull to second jump.

Annie's distractions got the better of her the first time through -she didn't pay much attention to me. We tried again and it was much better. She doesn't understand left tunnel from the teeter so that can be some homework for us.

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