Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Class 10/27/09

Today we were inside yet again...and Elizabeth taught us. We worked on distance which was great as Annie and I need to get some distance on our team.

We first worked three jumps like a pinwheel. I had to step in to get Annie deep into the pinwheel. We then worked on a jump, back to tunnel send to jump combination. Annie worked well through that. Then we added a flip back out to another jump and send to A-frame. I had to step in for the flip but Annie happily layered the tunnel/A-frame.

We then worked a jump tunnel jump weave pattern. Send dog over jump -tunnel is staring them in the face so that wasn't hard. The hard part was the tunnel exit-the dogs really wanted to go back over the jump..I had to call Annie through it several times. I think perhaps in a competition I'd have done better to be at the exit and start running past the jump/effectively blocking it and then sending to jump and weaves. Annie missed her weave entrance the first time. I restarted her over the jump and she got it and had no issue with me not being right beside her. Yeah!

Next Elizabeth showed us how to incorporate a chair to teach out. I think I'll do this. You teach the dog to go out around the chair(or some object). You keep moving it further away. Once this is accomplished you put it by a jump so it become an "out, jump" .

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