Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Class was back outside-a beautiful sunny day (finally!).

We worked parts of a course. First exercise was a tire to jump straight line, turn 90 degrees over a jump to a tunnel parked right behind the dog walk. Big discrimination exercise, out over a jump to teeter.

Annie did the dog walk the first time around. I rear-crossed late in front of the previous jump which pulled her back and basically left me behind her and the dog walk right in front of her. Pam suggested I cross after the jump since there was loads of space. I tried that and was easily able to get Annie in the tunnel (though she still WANTED to go up the dog-walk). I crossed in front of the teeter but used the wrong hand to signal her. Gotta remember DOG SIDE HAND.

Next we tried the same exercise with a lead out for the first 2 jumps. I didn't like that as much as I found I had to hurry a lot more to get to the tunnel/dogwalk. This time I got Annie in the tunnel but she head out of it saw the A-frame and over she went. Lesson: Remember to cue her when she is in the tunnel and reinforce it on her exit.

Next we did a teeter, tunnel jump a-frame sequence. On this we had to do a rear-cross between the jump and the A-frame. Lesson here: When doing a rear-cross you can't get ahead of your dog. On this sequence you had to hold back while the dog was doing the tunnel cue the jump then a-frame and then switch as the dog committed to the a-frame. If you were waiting at the jump after the dog was in the tunnel you were ahead of the dog which makes crossing behind awkward.

Annie worked well today.

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