Friday, September 6, 2013

First USDAA Trial

This past Sunday Katielyn and I ventured out to our first USDAA trial. Here in CO there are not many ASCA trials so we really needed to find another venue to run at. I enjoyed working at the USDAA nationals last year and decided we'd give this venue a try.

The trial was held at the foothills sports center in Lakewood and all I can say is Wow-what a nice location for a trial.  The building features astroturf (I say astroturf-fake grass with rubber?), was spacious and temperatures stayed cool.

Annie and Diva both ran as 16" Novice dogs, Annie in the performance and Diva in the regular division.

Our Day:

Gamblers Run: it was very straight forward and both dogs handled it well.

Diva: Score 35, Time 37.73 Q

Diva went first with Katielyn. The run went as planned except for Diva taking the wrong end of the tunnel during point accumulation, and that actually worked out in her favor as she garnered more points. I saw that and actually changed my plan to do the tunnel twice like she did.

Annie: Score 33 Time 38.23

Annie: She handled well and was running pretty fast and Q'd. I did my opening as planned with the exception of she did the chute when I sent her over the jump to the side of the a-frame she went to the shoot, I wanted her to turn and do the jump and A-frame! We got it all done and were in a good spot to do the gamble.
Gamble Course
 Standard Course:

Diva: E

Diva was not on. She got off to a poor start with the tire jump. She kept running through it and wasn't seeing it as a jump. Katielyn after 3 times just went by it.  She did OK (slow) up to the teeter and then did a funky teeter which appeared to shake her a little. Then she didn't want to do the chute. I can't recall if Katie got her through it or not. The next obstacle was the table and she didn't want to do that either.  Once past that part they finished the run OK.

Annie: 148 yards SCT 73 Score 0 Q 53.63

Annie ran really well and Q'd. And looking at the results had almost 20 seconds to spare-go  Annie (I thinks she likes running the Novice courses). I did have to call her away from the A-frame when she did the jump after the dogwalk and I believe one other place where she drifted. I know why I have problems on tighter courses-I'm either not being very clear with my body movement or she's not watching me.

Standard Course


Jumpers was our last course for the day.  We had a long wait before it.

Diva: 5.11 NQ SCT 35 Time 40.11

Diva was better than the standard for jumpers but still not eager like she can be. Katielyn rear crossed the first tunnel which was a mistake-Diva came out. Diva also stopped at the pair of jumps before the 2nd tunnel. Katielyn got in position and carried on. Diva looked for me when she came out of the 2nd tunnel stopping again.

Annie: 5.0 NQ SCT 36 Time 29.15

Annie ran pretty well. I blew the hnadling at the last tunnel. My plan was to cross and go the right of the jump after the tunnel but I was late so I ran to the left of that Jump and got in a mess. I didn't want to collide with Annie and ended up jumping the last jump myself while Annie blew by. Big oops.

What I should have done: If I couldn't get the front cross in, I should have decelerated at the jump sent Annie over and done a pivot to turn her to the last jump.

Jumpers Course

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