Monday, November 8, 2010

Shows this past weekend...

Annie had a busy weekend being a JR handling dog,as well as competing in rally, obedience and agility.

First day: Open B Obedience: Heeling pattern was good. Got lost in the posts. Lost 15 points. Recall -stalled at about the drop. Retrieve over the jump couldn't have been any more unenthusiastic -hit jump. Broad jump: She did it caveletti style. Stays -A plus!

Rally: Novice-she did well - I had a brain fart and cost her 10 points.

Novice Gamble: The run went exactly as planned, how about that? I had timed it with a stopwatch and she ran it exactly as per my stopwatch. I was pretty pleased!

Second Day: Open B Obedience: A successful broad jump (our best yet in competition). Retrieve over jump -stopped to watch the agility ring before picking up the dumbell and returning. Pretty darned slow. Retrieve on the flat - pretty decent but finished by herself. Heeling figure 8 was first, and she looked spooked by one of the "posts". Got disconnected. HEeling pattern was about the same -she lagged about 10 feet behind and NQ'd. Drop on recall -decent (I messed up and found my hands in the air). Stays -another A plus!

Rally: We moved up to Advanced and she was utterly awesome. One crooked sit (which I fixed and cost us more) ..a 196! Yeah. We can do this!

And a first out of four with Kt in the Jrs novice class.

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