Friday, April 16, 2010

Class 03/29

I had to miss my class because Rod was out of town and I took Kt skating. Kt was able to have class with Diva.

They worked on tunnels, straight and curved.

Jumping Shaping: Teaching dog to jump: Kneel down beside jump. Take some bait and lure your dog over the jump, treat when dog jumps. Then just put your hand down by jump standard (about a foot from bar) and wait for dog to offer the jump -treat when your dog does. Work from both sides of the jump. Slowly raise the bar. Diva was up to 18" in one session offering the behavior very nicely.

Kt also introduced Diva to the table. Be sure to treat on table not when dog jumps off. You want the reward to be for being on the table, not getting off of it.

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