Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Group Lesson at Best Friends

Annie and I joined a novice class with Pam Richcreek at Best Friend's Fun Farm today. I was very happy with Annie's response to a new group -she was happy and friendly and not too worried about her surrounds.

Exercises for today included: Rear Crosses. First we did jump to teeter with rear cross between jump and teeter. We did the exercise from both sides. Next was jump, teeter to tunnel in an S shape. After that jump-teeter-table.

Tips on these exercises:

The rear cross should be done in the firs 50% of the distance between the obstacles, once you're beyond the 50% you're not saving ground and are defeating the purpose, and likely to pull your dog off of the obstacle.

Table down: If the dog jumps on and sits facing you right on the edge, before asking the dog to down, do a 1/4 turn to give the dog some room to lie down.

Final exercise of the day was Jump,rear cross to A-frame, then flip back to tunnel. Pam notes that we have to be very definite when the dog gets to the bottom of the A-frame, Touch. Then release and big gesture, "Tunnel".

Annie was a really good girl today and did the exercises well!

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